Hello & welcome to SMB Excellence.

My name is Meagan Paterson & I have started, bought, sold, grown a few businesses. I have learned quite a lot over the 25 years I have been doing this, as well as from my dad who had his own companies. 

I have lived in the UK, Middle East (Dubai & Bahrain), Cambodia, Australia is where I was born & I spend time each year in the USA.

I love traveling, for business or pleasure. I believe in a holistic approach, my faith drives me across all aspects of my life, just as an active fit life benefits everything I do. That being said, you don't have to be fit or have a faith to be part of this community 😀

You will get to know my dad, Bill Welsh through his Sand Words – motivational, educational & practical words from his years of experience. 

He has built businesses that have been sold to multi national companies. He has acted as a valued mentor and coach to numerous people that have used his experience to clarify their own thoughts and accelerate their paths to their desired outcomes.

We have both had brilliant successes and some not so great outcomes and would like to create a community that enables and empowers all of us in our journey to achieve excellence in our businesses.

If you have had a look at the home page of this site, you will see that we want to walk with you through the highs as well as the lows.

If you are experiencing the later at the moment, please check out our Help in Crisis page and get in touch.

For Interest, the businesses we have had, across various Industries –

  • Manufacturing, fabrication & importing – Health & Aged Care
  • Retail – Organic food & products
  • Advisory & Delivery – Project Management, Procurement & Change Management
  • Training – Project Management, Procurement & Change Management
  • Consulting – Procedures & Process Engineering & Re engineering; Budgeting & Business Plans; Turn Around
  • Contract Packing – pharmaceuticals, beauty, automotive components - Nationally & Internationally
  • Packaging – Fibreboard, Plastic, Timber

I have been frustrated searching for help, information, guidance and unsure what I really needed.

One of the aims of SMB Excellence is to give away over 120 of our training courses, these are the same ones that we have previously charged for.

We are doing this as we understand the costs involved in starting up and running a business, as well as the need to acquire skills you probably never realised you needed!

Please go through the courses and choose what will benefit you!