We have over 120 Courses 

These are for your own personal & professional development, and for your staff too!


Simply browse our selection of courses and choose!

Add to Cart and make the payment , we will then set up your account and email you the link to begin.

For Microsoft Courses -

Email us to let us know what you want and we will send you through the link or the download.

What happens once I get the link? 

You simply click on the link and launch the course.

Note, that with the link you cannot close the browser once you have began or you will lose your place, it will not remember your quiz results. So, if that doesn't matter, go in as many times as you like during the month and keep a separate tally or, keep the course open in your browser and complete as you have time.

How long does the link stay active?

You have a month to complete it, they are 12 modules long and have a quiz at the end of each module.

That could be a module every 2 days, over a weekend or just smash it out in one sitting! Although for retention and understanding we don't recommend that!

Are these courses any good?

We have previously owned and run a training company and Meagan used these courses as part of the service offering to deliver face to face to Corporate Clients. Individual courses and also created tailored courses to suit the client's needs.

These are only for your personal & professional development and not to be resold..  Anything more, contact us and we can discuss options...

What if I want a solution to train my team?

Please go to our Training Solutions page for our offerings, from face to face delivery to webinar based, to having our entire library hosted for your team for independent online learning as well as individual learning paths to creating training programs for your specific needs.

So what are they?

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