With many years of Procurement experience, having owned a Procurement Consulting company, we are confident that we can work with you to achieve greater efficiencies within your business.

What can we help you with?

> Sourcing Projects, locally, nationally, internationally

> Benchmarking purchase costs to market

> Run Tenders / Expression of Interests / Quotation on your behalf

> Cost Reduction programs

> Rationalise Supplier Base

> Run an Outsourced Procurement department for you

> Vendor Negotiations & Management

What have we achieved?

  • 26% Savings on Core Spend
  • 8% Savings on Non Core Spend
  • 70% reduction in Tender Analysis Time
  • Increased efficiencies

Why Us & our System?

  • Transparency
  • Auditable
  • Years of Procurement Experience & Sourcing globally
  • Increased efficiencies

Case Studies

Construction Company

$900m spend in the Middle East.

Evaluation time normally 320 hours

Using our System we reduced this to immediately

=> Savings of over $30,000 (based on $100/hour)

=> Quicker time to market for the Project

Geographically Spread Manufacturing Company

Sites around Australia with Autonomous Purchasing

Same Products ordered from

a myriad of suppliers for

various supplies

Rationalised the Supplier Base & Spend

=> 50% savings on the spend

=> reduced the supplier base

=> Implemented Country wide Contract, giving bottom line savings

Oil & Gas Company

Worked with merging 2 Departments within Procurement

Primary objective was to identify a single organisational structure

and develop single consistent processes for use by the combined departments.

=> Process re-engineering delivering Organisational efficiencies

=> Change Management Program ensuring buy in from previously unconnected departments to operating as one.

What Will Be Able to Help You Achieve?


IF you are ready to Increase Efficiencies, Decrease Risk & Reduce Costs Contact Us