We offer short, targeted engagements directed at specific project management issues.

Our aim is always to effect a knowledge transfer so that the maturity and capability of our clients is incrementally improved.

Problems with projects or programs? We're here to help.

Typical client issues include:

  • No consistent practices
  • A culture of missed deadlines
  • Inexperience project managers
  • Conflicting priorities
  • Constantly changing scope
  • Risks not managed
  • No documentation
  • Unclear plans and deliverables
  • Poor reporting to management
  • Responsibilities and accountabilities unclear

We can assess a single project or the project environment in general, provide recommendations on remedial action and assist you in implementing these.

  • If you have a major strategic project about to commence, then we will help you ensure it gets off to a good start and stays on track.
  • If your project has gone off the rails, we will help prevent the train wreck.
  • If you have a train wreck, we will perform a salvage operation.

In all these cases we will be working with your own staff in a collaborative way to improve outcomes and establish effective, efficient processes for moving forward and maintaining momentum.

Coaching and Mentoring

We have project management professionals with decades of experience across different business environments who are able to provide guidance on a casual or part-time basis. In this way your own staff can be developed into capable project managers with the assurance that the project will be well managed while they learn. This is a very cost effective method in which the skills and experience of staff can be honed on the job.


  • For Beginners. Suitable for small projects being undertaken by someone with little experience in managing projects. Most support will be provided virtually.
  • Minimum time requirement 40 hours over a period of 15 business days


  • Intermediate. Suitable for all projects managed by someone with a basic knowledge of project management who needs advice on particular aspects or at a particular point in the project lifecycle.
  • Minimum time requirement 16 hours.


  • Suitable where a second pair of eyes is needed to read reports or documents and provide an assessment or comments.
  • Intended for occasional use of short duration. No minimum time requirement

Project Health Checks

We have accredited consultants available to conduct an assessment of the health of your project. We will provide you with a report on the likelihood of meeting targets for time, cost, quality and scope and suggest any remedial action necessary.

Below are three typical health check options:

 Quick Check

  • Suitable for small to medium projects soon after start up to ensure everything is in place to ensure a controlled completion. Price includes on-site meetings & interviews (up to 6 hrs), document examination (up to 80 A4 pages), draft report, client review, final report.
  • Typical project size: Project teams up to 10, project will complete within 6 months or cost less than $100K

 Regular Check-Up

  • Suitable for projects which are underway or large projects soon after start up. Price includes meetings & interviews (up to 12 hrs), document examination (up to 160 A4 pages), client feedback on progress, ad-hoc investigation, draft report, client review, final report.
  • Typical project size: Project teams of 10 or more, project will take 6 – 12 months or cost less than $1M

 Full Physical

  • Suitable for large projects which are underway. Price includes meetings & interviews (up to 20 hrs), document examination (up to 250 A4 pages), client feedback on progress, ad-hoc investigations, draft report, client review, final report.
  • Typical project size: Project teams of 10 or more often involving external contractors, project will take more than a year or cost more than $1M


Need Bodies to help run the Project?

We can run projects for your Organisation. We provide full or part time Project Managers, all who have a wealth of experience.

With a broad range of Industry experience and exposure, working on projects of all value levels, you can rest in the fact that your project will be professionally run.

Understanding your scope, priorities and deliverables we ensure we will add value to the project and the Organisation. Too many projects are run by good people without training or project experience. By utilising our team, the running of the project is one less worry you need to carry.

Contact us to discuss your needs.

Examples of Projects Completed -

  • Carried out Transformation/Change Programs - Implemented Lean workflow processes and procedures into all businesses / business units as well as into external clients, resulting in streamlined and efficient work practices.
  • Implemented Project Management Offices (PMO) Set up infrastructure, processes, procedures and documentation
  • Recently ran a Software Implementation Project for the Victorian Government across 8+ departments, which was 4 years late. Completed in 4 months!
  • Successfully ran consultancy to select best supplier fit at best whole cost according to client’s terms and criteria. Handled tendering and negotiations, averaging 26% savings for them on non core spend.
  • Ran a Project to source over $900m (USD) of goods and saved over 300 hours in the evaluation time.
  • Project Managed the development of a  SaaS Solution for Procurement Sourcing
  • Project Managed the development of  a LMS & online Training Programs
  • Ran a Greenfield Factory Development Program
  • Managed multiple Factory, Office & Health care relocations / fit outs
  • IT Transformation / Modernisation project for a tier 1 bank (48,000 users) in Australia, circa $500m contract, looking to save 20+%(taking 26 services to market and then transitioning new suppliers into business) as well as an
  • EPM (Oracle ) Remediation project
  • Equitrac Software build project.

Project Training

Your Organisation may not desire a Certified Course, but you still do want best practise training.

We have a Project Management Fundamentals Course & an Advanced PM Course.

We can also work with you and create training around your current Processes or around where you want to be.