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Episode 1

Michelle Hemley from Team Hemley Sports


Enjoy this episode where we talk about what got Michelle into Sports, then into her own business. How she has handled COVID-19. What life and business are going to look like coming out of this.

Episode 2

Stephen Palamara



Enjoy this episode where we talk aboutStephen's background in Marketing, doing his Masters later in life and  then into his own business.

How  COVID-19 has impacted his business and  what life and business are going to look like coming out of this.

Episode 3

Vanessa Armstrong



Power of a person's story is why we do this series and this episode with Vanessa illustrates this perfectly.

A powerful story of what led to start Keto Buddies and how she's handling COVID & helping others!

Episode 4

Laura McKnight



Another great episode with a passionate business owner. Laura turns business' ideas and daydreams into reality.

I felt like she was talking about me the whole time - time poor, skill poor, wish list, to do list.... ahhhhh. Enjoy this episode 🙂

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